Wednesday, September 9
9.30 Opening Session G.M. Carlomagno, C. Corsi, H. Rutt
Advanced Sensors, Chairman : G.M. Carlomagno
09.45 C. Corsi (invited lecture)
Success and Failure Highlights in the Infrared History
10.15 R. Meucci , K. A. Al Naimee, F.T. Arecchi
Polarized optical feedback and noise effects on CO2 laser polarization dynamics (spatial and temporal behavior) IR detection with Uncooled Smart Sensors
10.35 I..M. AL-Essa, M.H. Suhail, T.J.Alwan
Density Of States For Ge x Te1-x Thin Film
10.55      Coffee Break
Advanced Sensors, Chairman : H.N. Rutt
11.15 F.J. González, J. Alda
Fresnel Zone Antenna for detection at visible and far-infrared wavelengths
11.35 M. Hostut, M. Alyoruk, Y. Ergun, I. Sokmen
Three-Colour Broad Band Asymmetric Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector in Long Wavelength Infrared Range
11.55 K. A. Al Naimee, H. J. Kbashi, A. Ibrahim, S. F. Abdullah, A. M. Taleb and N. A. Al-Temeime
High Sensitive Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor
12.15 V. K. Malyutenko
Looking at LEDs Through The Infrared Window
12.35 A. L. Muñoz Zurita, J. Campos Acosta, A. Pons Aglio, A. S.Shcherbakov
An Absolute Radiometer Based on InP Photodiodes
12.55 T. Erten, Y. Ergun
Effect of Excitons to the Inter-Subband Absorbtion in Gasb-Inas Pin Superlattices
13.15 Z. Senturk, G. Korkmaz, Y. Ergun
GaInNAs SESAMs passively mode-locking 1.3 µm solid-state lasers
13.35      Lunch
Image Processing and Data Analysis, Chairman: O. Salvetti
14.40 R. Dulski
Method of IR Images Enhancement using Histogram Equalization
15.00 A. Barducci, D. Guzzi, C. Lastri, P. Marcoionni, I. Pippi
Improvements in Earth Observation by Imaging Interferometry in the Thermal Infrared Spectral Range
15.20 V. Redaelli, F. Ferrucci, E. Zucca, M. Minero, L. Ferrari, F. Luzi, C. Carenzi, M. Verga
Infrared Video-Thermography Technique on Sport Horses
15.40 M. Strojnik, G. Paez
Flame Characterization in 2-D Lateral Shearing Interferometer
16.00      Coffee Break
Image Processing and Data Analysis, Chairman: E. Pieczyska
16.20 A. Geltrude, M. Locatelli, A. Pelagotti, R. Meucci, M. Paturzo, P. Ferraro
Infrared Digital Holography Using CO2 Laser
16.40 N. Bouzida, A. Bendada, X.P. Maldague
Near-Infrared Image Formation and Processing for the Hand Veins Extraction
Infrared in Medicine, Chairman: E. Dereniak
17.00 M.A. Franceschini, N. Roche-Labarbe, A. Surova, D.A. Boas, P.E. Grant
Assessment of Cerebral Hemodynamic Development in Infants with Near Infrared Spectroscopy
17.20 M. Abate, L. Di Carlo, A. Mariotti, A. Merla
Assessment of Functional Postural Adjustment in Leg Length Discrepancy by Means of Thermal Infrared Imaging
17.40 C. Vazquez-Jaccaud, G. Paez, M. Strojnik
Oxygen Saturation with Simulated Breathing
Thursday, September 10
Advanced Technology and Materials, Chairman: M. Strojnik
09.30 E. Pieczyska, W.K. Nowacki, H. Tobushi (invited lecture)
Activity of Stress-Induced Martensite Transformation in Shape Memory Alloy Studied by Infrared Technique
10.00 T. Piątkowski, H. Polakowski, P. Trzaskawka, K. Firmanty, T. Piotrowski
Planar Silicon Modulated IR Source
10.20 H. Polakowski, T. Piątkowski, Z. Zaranski, A. Panas
Structural Tests for IR Measurements
10.40 G. Cuccurullo, V. D’Agostino, R. Di Giuda, A. Senatore
Planar Silicon Modulated IR Source
11.00      Coffee Break
Non-Destructive Evaluation, Chairman: C. Maierhofer
11.20 T. Sakagami (invited lecture)
Application of Infrared Thermography to Structural Integrity Evaluation of Steel Bridges
11.50 P. Bison, M. Ceseri, D. Fasino, G. Inglese
Active Infrared Thermography in Non-Destructive Evaluation of Corrosion Processes
12.10 C. Spiessberger, V. Carl, A. Dillenz
Quantitative Thermography for NDE
12.30 J. Dumoulin, L. Ibos, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, A Mazioud, M. Marchetti, X. Maldague and A. Bendada
Active Infrared Thermography Applied to Non Emergent Defects Detection on Asphaltic Pavement Samples: Experiments and Numerical Simulations
12.50 W. Swiderski, V. Vavilov
Phenomena of Composite Transparency in Thermal NDT
13.10 F. Taillade, J. Dumoulin, M. Quiertant, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, Ch. Aubagnac, X. Maldague, A. Bendada
Active Infrared Thermography and Shearography applied to non destructive testing of bonded FRP strengthening systems on concrete structures
13.30      Lunch
Advanced Technology and Materials, Chairman: T. Sakagami
14.30 A. Rogalski, J. Antoszewski, L. Faraone (invited lecture)
Third-generation infrared photodetector arrays
15.00 I. A. Al-Saidi, F. A. Al-Saymari
Effect of the Pump and Emission Frequency Detunings on the Stability of the FIR Lasers
15.20 M. D'Acunto, S. Colantonio, D. Moroni, O. Salvetti
Detection Limit of Biomarkers using the Near-Infrared Band-Gap Fluorescence of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
15.40 P. Coppo, B. Ricciarelli, F. Brandani,
SLSTR: a High Accuracy Dual Scan Temperature Radiometer for Sea and Land Surface Monitoring from Space
16.00      Coffee Break
Advanced Technology and Materials, Chairman: A. Rogalski
16.20 H. Zogg, M. Rahim, F. Felder, M. Fill, A. Khiar, D. Chappuis (invited lecture)
Lead Chalcogenide Mid-IR Tunable Lasers and Narrow Band Detectors
16.50 A. Hernandez, R. Reichle, F. Escourbiac, A. Hermann, W. Zeidner
Colour Pyroreflectometry to Measure the True Temperature of Tungsten Plasma Facing Components
17.10 A. Ianiro, G. Cardone
Measurement of Surface Temperature and Emissivity with Two-Colour Stereo Thermography
17.30 Y. Izumi, T. Sakagami, N. Mori, S. Kubo, T.Tamakoshi
Detection of Fatigue Cracks in Actual Steel Bridges by Self- Reference Lock-in Thermography
17.50 K. A. Al Naimee, H. J. Kbashi, A. Ibrahim, S. F. Abdullah, A. M. Taleb and N. A. Al-Temeime
High Sensitive Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor
20.30      Social Dinner
Friday, September 11
Cultural Heritage, Chairman: V.P. Vavilov
09.30 C. Maierhofer (invited lecture)
Integration of Active Thermography into the Assessment of Cultural Heritage Buildings
10.00 M. Bottoni, G. Fabretti, M. Fabretti
Aerial Multispectral Surveys – From The Analysis of Architectural Monuments to the Identification of Archaeological Sites
10.20 G.M. Ventimiglia
Termographic Survey and Architectural Evelopes: Infrared Tecnology to Conserve the Skin of Monuments
10.40      Coffee Break    
Industrial Applications, Chairman: E. Grinzato
11.00 X. Maldague, W. Ben Larbi, A. Bendada, M. Grenier, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, M. Klein, A. Saboktakin, A. Ziadi (invited lecture)
Recent Research Advances with Industry Transfer in Infrared Technology
Buildings and Infrastructure, Chairman: X. Maldague
11.30 E. Grinzato, P. Bison, G. Cadelano
Moisture Map by IR Thermogaphy
11.50 A. Kandemir-Yucel, A. Tavukcuoglu, E.N. Caner-Saltik, E. Grinzato
Soundness Assessment of Historical Timber Elements by QIRT and UPV Measurements
12.10 N. Ludwig, E. Rosina , A. Sansonetti
New IRT Procedures for the Evaluation of Stone’s Hygroscopic Characteristics in Building
12.30 D. Modenini, F. Schrijer
Inverse Heat Transfer Measurements in a Supersonic Wind Tunnel: Application to a Backward Facing Step
12.50 S. Akevren, A. Tavukçuoğlu, E.N. Caner-Saltık, E. Grinzato
In-Situ Examination of Historic Masonry Structures by Quantitative IR Thermography and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurements
13.10      Lunch
Thermo-fluid-dynamics, Chairman: C. Corsi
14.30 G.M. Carlomagno (invited lecture)
Infrared thermography in the thermo-fluid-dynamics of a complex fluid flow
Remote Sensing and Astrophysics, Chairman: I. Pippi
15.00 M. Strojnik, G. Paez (invited lecture)
Effects of an Extended Star in Extra-Solar Planet Search
15.30 N. Baba, N. Zubko, H. Shibuya, N. Murakami
Spectral Reconstruction Method for Exoplanets
15.50      Coffee Break    
Closing Session