Technical Seminar (September, 10)

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Conference days (September, 11-13)

Wednesday, September 11
Opening Session
09.00 Institutional Greetings from: Prof. Laura Montanaro - Deputy Rector of the Politecnico di Torino
Welcome from AITA Chair, Co-chair and Organizers: L. Abbozzo Ronchi, P. Bison, C. Corsi, I. Pippi, O. Salvetti, M. Strojnik, M. Volinia
09.30 C. Corsi (invited lecture)
New frontiers for infrared
Session: Advanced Sensors (Chair: C. Corsi)
10.00 D. De Sousa Meneses, M. Eckes, B. Bouvry, L. del Campo, P. Echegut
High temperature Infrared spectrometer
10.20 M. Alyoruk, Y. Ergun, M. Hostut
AlSb Layer Thickness Effect on HH-LH Splitting and Band Gap Energies in InAs/AlSb/GaSb Type-II Superlattices
10.40 A. Ordonez Müller, A. Kroll
Effects of beam divergence in hand-held TDLAS sensors on long distance gas concentration measurements
11.00      Coffee Break
Session: Advanced Technologies and Materials - Part I (Chair: X. Maldague)
11.20 F. D’Amato, A. Montori, M. De Pas, M.Giuntini, M. Siciliani de Cumis, S. Viciani
A constant intensity technique to improve the performances of devices based on direct absorption spectroscopy
11.40 A. Mazioud, L. Ibos, J. Dumoulin
Detection of buried thin geometrical structure in a plaster layer by active infrared thermography
12.00 U. Galietti, D. Palumbo, R. De Finis, F. Ancona
Fatigue damage evaluation with new thermal methods
12.20 M.N. Litvinova, V.V. Krishtop, N.M. Kireeva
Conversion of incoherent IR-radiation into visible radiation in nonlinear crystals
12.40 W. Swiderski, V. Vavilov
Ultrasonic IR thermographic inspection of graphite epoxy composites: a comparative study of piezoelectric and magnetostrictive stimulation
13.00      Lunch
Session: Nanotechnologies (Chair: M. D'Acunto)
14.00 P. Gori, L. Matthes, O. Pulci, F. Bechstedt
Infrared absorbance of graphene, silicene and germanene
14.20 M. D'Acunto, A. Benassi, A. Cricenti, M. Luce D. Moroni, O. Salvetti
NIR response of gold nanoparticles for biological detection
14.40 P.A. Hobson, P. Andrew, B.T. Hallam, C.R. Lawrence
Infrared resonant absorption by coupled surface plasmon modes in an ultra-thin nanostructured microcavity
15.00 E. Kennedy, R. Al-Majmaie, M. Al-Rubeai, D. Zerulla, J. H. Rice
Infrared nanoscopy of cells for nanoscale therapeutic agent localization Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
15.20 F. Vitali, V. Foglietti, D. Lorenzetti, E. Cianci, F. Ghinassi, A. Harutyunyan, C. Riverol, L. Riverol, S. Antoniucci
Nanotechnology applied to silicon grism, for high-resolution infrared spectroscopy in astronomy
15.40      Coffee Break
Session: Cultural Heritage (Chair: M. Volinia)
16.00 A. Bendada, S. Sfarra, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, M. Akhloufi, J.-P. Caumes, C. Pradere, J.C. Batsale, D. Paoletti, X. Maldague
Subsurface imaging for panel paintings inspection, passing through the ultraviolet, the visible, the infrared and the terahertz spectra
16.20 G. Cadelano, P. Bison, A. Bortolin, G. Ferrarini, , M.Girotto, F. Peron, M. Volinia
Conservation of historical frescoes by timed infrared imaging analysis Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
16.40 S. Sfarra, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, E. Marcucci, A. Bendada, D. Ambrosini, D. Paoletti, X. Maldague
From the laboratory to the in situ inspection: active and hybrid infrared thermography approaches as aid for the consolidation of mosaics Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
17.00 A. Tavukçuoglu, E.N. Caner-Saltık
Quantitative infrared thermography and ultrasonic testing for in-situ assessment of Nemrut Dag stone statues
Session: Remote sensing (Chair: M. Strojnik)
17.20 P. Coppo
Fire detection simulation with infrared payloads from geostationary platform
17.40 S. Lagüela, L. Díaz-Vilariño, D. Roca, J. Armesto
Aerial thermography from low-cost UAV for the generation of thermographic digital terrain models Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
18.00 M.R. Mughal, L.M. Reyneri, D. Del Corso
Free space and glass fibre based infrared communication system on-board Aramis satellite Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
18.20 S. Sadovnychiy, J.M. López, A. Sadovnychyy, M.A. Hernandez
Applying of the infrared system for oil and gas pipeline right of way aerial inspection
Thursday, September 12
09.00 X. Maldague, F. Lopez, C. Ibarra-Castanedo (invited lecture)
Enhanced image processing for IR-NDT
Session: Buildings and Infrastructures (Chair: P. Bison, M. Volinia)
09.30 L. Belussi, L. Danza, I. Meroni
Energy performance assessment with empirical methods: application of energy signature
09.50 A. Bortolin, G. Cadelano, G. Ferrarini, P. Bison
Thermal performance measurement of the building envelope by infrared thermography Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
10.10 P. Bison, A. Bortolin, G. Cadelano, G. Ferrarini, P. Gasparetto
Infrared thermography for on-site inspection of photovoltaic systems: a brief review Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
10.30 E. Robison, C. Estrada
The Application of Infrared Thermography to Conditions Assessments of Guastavino Vaulting
10.50 G. Ferrarini, P. Bison, A. Bortolin, G. Cadelano, M. Girotto, U. Mazzali, F. Peron, M. Volinia
Energy survey of a historical building by infrared thermography Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
11.10      Coffee Break
Session: Nondestructive evaluation (Chair: W. Swiderski)
11.30 L. Vega, P. Venegas, J. Guerediaga
Validation of a novel NDT technique with infrared thermography Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
11.50 A. Elhassnaoui, S. Sahnoun, S. Belattar
Nondestructive testing by determining the thermal effusivity of the geometry defects
12.10 P. Venegas, L. Vega, J. Guerediaga
Instrumentation technology based on infrared thermography for the control of aeronautical composite components subjected to certification load tests Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
12.30 U. Galietti, D. Palumbo, R. De Finis, F. Ancona
Evaluation of defects in composite materials by means microwave thermography
12.50 L. Vega, P. Venegas, J. Guerediaga
Study of the capabilities of the processing techniques applied to defects detection in active thermography Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
13.10      Lunch
14.10 Workshop sponsors
News, Trends and Opportunities
Session: Industrial applications (Chair: H. Sakamoto)
14.50 M.M. Dugand
Automotive applications of IR thermography at CRF
15.10 F. Bozzoli, L. Cattani, G. Pagliarini, S. Rainieri
Infrared imaging of the convective heat transfer coefficient distribution in coiled tubes
15.30 D. Shiozawa, K. Inaba, A. Akai, T. Sakagami
Experimental study of relationship between energy dissipation and fatigue damage initiation based on observation of slip band by atomic force microscope
15.50 A. Khalifa, M. Marchetti, L. Ibos, V. Feuillet, J. Dumoulin, M. Buès, L. Bouilloud
Monitoring of traffic incidence on pavement surface temperature
16.10      Coffee Break
Session: Bio-applications - Part I (Chair: G. Paez)
16.30 B. Jalil, O. Salvetti, L. Potì, M. Marinelli, V. Hartwig, A. L’Abbate
Heterogeneity of hand skin microcirculation assessed by near infrared 2D imaging Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
16.50 R. Lampe, S. Kawelke, J. Mitternacht, V. Turova, T. Blumenstein
Thermographic study of upper extremities in patients with cerebral palsy
17.10 S. Riyahi-Alam, V. Agostini, F. Molinari, M. Knaflitz
Evaluation of time-series registration methods in dynamic area telethermometry for breast cancer detection Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
17.30 I. Benko
Histographic method as a tool of thermal image processing
17.50 E. Rokita, T. Rok, G. Tatoń
Evaluation of allergic response using dynamic thermography
19.00 Departure by bus from the meeeting point to Moncucco (TO)
20.00 Social Dinner - Restarurant Trattoria del Freisa Moncucco, via Mosso 6
Friday, September 13
09.20 M. Strojnik, G. Paez, M. K. Scholl (invited lecture)
Oximetry Wavelength Selection based on Functional Oxygen Saturation
Session: Advanced Technologies and Materials - Part II (Chair: C. Corsi)
09.50 A. Libbra, A. Muscio
Reverse use of an infrared emissometer for measurement of thermal conductivity
10.10 O. Plekhov, A. Fedorova
Evaluation of fatigue limit of submicrocrystalline metals based on infrared thermography
10.30 M. Žďárský, J. Valach, D. Kytýř, M. Šperl, T. Fíla
Sensitivity study of resonance cyclic loading of carbon fibre PPS matrix composite specimen by hi-speed recording thermocamera
10.50      Coffee Break
Session: Systems, Images and Data Analysis (Chair: P. Bison)
11.10 E. O’Keefe, E. Liggins
Materials for infrared remote identification & differentiation
11.30 K.O. Petrosyants, I.A. Kharitonov, P.A. Kozynko, A.A. Popov
Electronic components thermal regimes investigation by IR thermography
11.50 W. Allasia, P. Prinetto, A. Riva
EAGLE, a compact vision system with two simultaneous eld of view
12.10 S. Soldan, A. Kroll
Towards automated gas leak detection using IR gas imaging cameras
12.30 W. Swiderski, D. Nesteruk, V. Vavilov
Data fusion in IR thermographic detection of landmines
12.50 A.G. Jara Chavez, F.O. Torres Vicencio
Acceleration algorithm for constant-statistics method applied to the nonuniformity correction of infrared sequences
13.10      Lunch
Session: Bio-applications - Part II (Chair: D. Moroni)
14.00 V. Redaelli, G. Pizzamiglio, P. Selleri, N. Di Girolamo, P.A. Martino, F. Luzi
Environmental assessment of terrarium in the main species of reptiles through the thermography technique: preliminary results
14.20 G. Paez, M. Strojnik, L. F. Corral
Feasibility of non-contact oximetry: Monte-Carlo simulation
14.40 V. Veikutis, J. Petrauskaite, E. Tubelyte, A. Bogusevicius
Infrared thermography in breast cancer screening
15.00 A. Ichiki, H. Sakamoto, Y. Ohbuchi
Development and verification of living body information monitoring system
Closing session and Greetings

Best Paper Candidates

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