Technical Seminar (September, 29)

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Conference days (September 30 - October 2)

Wednesday, September 30
Opening Session
09.15 Welcome from: Ovidio Salvetti (Head of Signals and Images Lab, ISTI-CNR)
Institutional Greetings from: Marco Conti (Director of Department of Engineering, ICT and Technologies for Energy and Transport, CNR) and Claudio Montani (Director of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies "A. Faedo", ISTI-CNR)
09.30 Daiki Shiozawa, Tsuyoshi Inagawa, Atsushi Akai and Takahide Sakagami (invited lecture)
Accuracy improvement of dissipated energy measurement and fatigue limit estimation by using phase information
Session: Systems and applications in near-, mid- and far-infrared - Part I (Chair: A. Rogalski)
10.10 Yingjie Ma, Yonggang Zhang, Yi Gu, Xingyou Chen, Li Zhou, Suping Xi, Hsby Li and Aizhen Li
Control the operating voltage and gain slope of InAlAs/InGaAs avalanche photodetectors
10.30 Songmin Zhou, Bin Weng and Chun Lin
The PN junction width of HgCdTe conversed through ion implantation and ion beam etching
10.50      Coffee Break
Session: Systems and applications in near-, mid- and far-infrared - Part II (Chair: T. Sakagami)
11.20 Michal Švantner, Zdeněk Veselý and Lukáš Muzika
Depth limits of flash-pulse IRNDT method for low- and high-diffusivity materials
11.40 A. G. Unil Perera, Yan-Feng Lao, L. H. Li, S. P. Khanna and E. H. Linfield
Tunable hot-carrier photodectectors
12.00 Zhizhong Bai
Investigation of High Quantum Efficiency Resonant Cavity Enhanced InAs/GaSb type II Superlattice Long Wavelength Infrared Detectors
Session: Aerospace and industrial applications (Chair: U. Perera)
12.20 Louis-Daniel Théroux, Jean Dumoulin and Erick Merliot
Automatic installation of thermoplastic CFRP monitored by infrared thermography for pipelines
12.40 Donatella Guzzi, Cinzia Lastri, Vanni Nardino, Lorenzo Palombi, Ivan Pippi, Valentina Raimondi and Alessandro Barducci
Compressive sensing and its potential for infrared applications
13.00      Lunch
Session: Environmental monitoring - Part I (Chair: P. Bison)
14.50 Veronica Redaelli, Gaia Dominique Bariffi, Silvia Mazzola, Raffaella Rossi, Leonardo Nanni Costa and Fabio Luzi
Infrared termography (IRT) in horses trained for endurance races
15.10 Alessandro Bortolin, Paolo Bison, Gianluca Cadelano, Giovanni Ferrarini, Lei Lei and Xavier Maldague
Mapping the heat flux of an insulated small container by infrared thermography Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
15.30 Susana Lagüela, Natalia Caparrini and Luján López
Evaluation of infrared thermography as standalone technique for detection of sediment-pollution in water Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
15.50 Francesco Salamone, Ludovico Danza, Italo Meroni and Maria Cristina Pollastro
Design and optimization through thermography: nEMoS architecture
16.10 Matteo Ghellere, Alice Bellazzi, Lorenzo Belussi and Italo Meroni
Urban monitoring from infrared satellite images
16.30      Coffee Break
Session: Environmental monitoring - Part II (Chair: M. D'Acunto)
16.50 M. Miguel Valero, Oriol Rios, Elsa Pastor and Eulàlia Planas
Automatic detection of wildfire active fronts from aerial thermal infrared images Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
17.10 Fabio Sansivero and Giuseppe Vilardo
Advances in automated processing of thermal infrared images from Osservatorio Vesuviano TIR permanent surveillance network at Campi Flegrei (Pozzuoli, Italy)
17.30 Atsushi Hashimoto, Ken-Ichiro Suehara and Takaharu Kameoka
Applications of infrared spectroscopic techniques to quality evaluation in agriculture and food process
17.50 Barbara Bukowska-Belniak, Andrzej Leśniak and Daniel Kessler
Thermographical monitoring of leak processes in embankments Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
18.10 Rebecca Whetton, Toby Waine and Abdul Mouazen
A practical approach to In-situ hyperspectral imaging of wheat crop canopies Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
18.30 Marc-André Gagnon, Pierre Tremblay, Simon Savary, Marc Duval, Vincent Farley, Philippe Lagueux, Éric Guyot and Martin Chamberland
Airborne thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging for mineral mapping
Thursday, October 1
Plenary session (Room A)
09.00 Małgorzata Kopytko and Antoni Rogalski (invited lecture)
HgCdTe barrier infrared detectors
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Advanced technology and materials - Part I (Chair: X. Maldague)
09.30 Yoshifumi Ohbuchi, Nobuaki Nagatomo and Hidetoshi Sakamoto
Thermal image analysis of plastic deformation and fracture beaviors by thermo-video system
09.50 Hai Zhang, Wolfgang Holub, Ulf Hassler and Xavier Maldague
Micro-laser Line Thermography and High Resolution X-ray Tomography on Micro-porosities: A Comparative Study of Experiments and Simulation Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
10.10 Jianxin Chen, Zhicheng Xu, Yi Zhou, Fangfang Wang, Jiajia Xu and Li He
LWIR InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodiodes with Different Barrier Structures
Room B. Session: Biomedical applications - Part I (Chair: M. Strojnik)
09.30 Mario D'Acunto, Antonio Cricenti, Marco Luce, Davide Moroni and Ovidio Salvetti
NIR window and Near-Field detection of gold nanoshells
09.50 Steffen Frahm, Carsten Dahl Mørch, Ole Kæseler Andersen and Lars Arendt-Nielsen
Temperature controlled laser stimulator for pain research Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
10.10 Marco Gargano, Nicola Ludwig, Athos Trecroci, Damiano Formenti, Andrea Bosio, Ermanno Rampinini and Giampietro Alberti
Skin temperature dynamics during an incremental maximal test in elite male cyclists
10.30      Coffee Break
Plenary session (Room A)
10.50 Alessandro Tredicucci (invited lecture)
Graphene-based devices for Terahertz photonics
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Advanced technology and materials - Part II (Chair: A. Rogalski)
11.20 Elżbieta A Pieczyska, Maria Staszczak, Michał Maj, Katarzyna Kowalczyk-Gajewska, Dominik Kukla, Hisaaki Tobushi and Shunichi Hayashi
Infrared thermography analysis of thermomechanical shape memory polymer behavior – initial loading stage
11.40 A. Amato, A.S. Aricò, M. Lo Faro, R. Montanini, S.A. Piccolo, A. Quattrocchi, G. Squadrito, S. Trocino and S.C. Zignani
Infrared thermography applied to solid oxide fuel cells at operating temperatures
12.00 Mustafa Hostut, Yuksel Ergun, Sezai Elagoz, Abidin Kilic, Tunay Tansel and Atilla Aydinli
Electrical Performance of N-Structure T2SL Photodetectors
12.20 Antonio Cricenti and Marco Luce
Infrared scanning near-field optical microscopy in material science and biology
12.40 Pawel Madejczyk, Waldemar Gawron, Piotr Martyniuk, Artur Keblowski, Wioletta Pusz, Jaroslaw Pawluczyk, Malgorzata Kopytko, Antoni Rogalski and Jozef Piotrowski
The focus on engineering steps for high temperature HgCdTe photodiodes optimization.
Room B. Session: Biomedical applications - Part II (Chair: G. Paez)
11.20 Chi-En Lee and Chung-Ming Chen
The automated marker-free longitudinal IR breast image registration algorithm
11.40 Cuc Stanca, Prodan Doina, Sarosi Codruta, Saplontai Aniela, Silaghi-Dumitrescu Laura, Prejmerean Vasile and Moldovan Marioara
Degradation of some experimental dental composite materials
12.00 Mihaela Streza, Dorin Dadarlat, Doina Prodan, Ioana Hodisan, Cristina Prejmerean and Stanca Boboia
Adhesion studies of dental sealants to enamel by using optical microscopy and lock-in infrared thermography
12.20 Cristina Prejmerean, Doina Prodan, Mihaela Vlassa, Tinca Buruiana, Loredana Colceriu and Marioara Moldovan
Influence of composition and light curing modes upon the degree of conversion of dental giomers evaluated by FTIR spectroscopy
12.40 Bardia Yousefi, Julien Fleuret, Seyed Alireza Ghaffari, Simon Fréchet, Félix Labrie Larrivée, Marcelo Sung Ma Jo, Xavier Maldague and Raymon Watts
Unsupervised Automatic tracking of Thermal changes in Human Body
13.00      Lunch
Plenary session (Room A)
14.20 Marija Strojnik and Gonzalo Paez (invited lecture)
Propagation of thermal pulse in tissue
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Advanced technology and materials - Part III (Chair: M. D'Acunto)
14.50 Rosa De Finis, Davide Palumbo, Francesco Ancona and Umberto Galietti
New thermal method to assess endurance limit of stainless steels
15.10 Changzhi Shi, Chun Lin, Yanfeng Wei, Lu Chen, Mingxing Zhu and Quanzhi Sun
Barrier Layer Induced Channeling Effect of As Ion-implantation in HgCdTe and Its Influences on Electrical Properties of p-n Junctions
15.30 Konstantin Petrosyants and Igor Kharitonov
Analysis of temperature-current rise in modern pcb traces by means of thermography
15.50 Valeri Kotelnikov and Elena Ryazanova
Method of 3d solar energy conversion
16.10 Changzhi Shi, Chun Lin, Yanfeng Wei, Lu Chen, Mingxing Zhu and Quanzhi Sun
Influences of Ion Beam Current on Dopant Profiles and Barrier Layer Induced Channeling Effect in Arsenic Implanted HgCdTe Epilayer
Room B. Session: Biomedical applications - Part III (Chair: D. Moroni)
14.50 Trabelsi Hedi, Elkadri Noomene and Sediki Ezeddine
Detection of abnormalities under skin tissue by thermography
15.10 Maryam Asrar and Amin Al-Habaibeh
A comparison between Visual, Near-infrared and Infrared Images for the Detection of Veins
15.30 Renée Lampe, Blumenstein Tobias, Varvara Turova and Ana Alves Pinto
Sensomotoric waistcoat – a helpful tool for blind people and children with cerebral palsy to support space perception and improve body scheme
15.50 Slokom Nesrine, Zghal Imen and Trabelsi Hedi
Detection and Quantification of Macular Edema from Optical Coherence Tomography Images
16.10 Bushra Jalil, Ovidio Salvetti and Valentina Hartwig
Infrared imaging to study hand skin microcirculation in healthy and systemic sclerosis volunteer
16.30      Coffee Break
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Image processing and data analysis - Part I (Chair: O. Salvetti)
16.50 Simone Boccardi, Carosena Meola and Giovanni Maria Carlomagno
Measurements with a QWIP infrared camera: signal treatment and noise correction Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
17.10 Piotr Hellstein and Mariusz Szwedo
IR3D Analysis - three-dimensional imaging in active thermography and non-destructive testing Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
17.30 Gerhard Traxler and Amirreza Baghbanpourasl
Monitoring of the cross wedge rolling process by thermographY
17.50 Olivier Janssens, Lothar Verledens, Raiko Schulz, Veerle Ongenae, Kurt Stockman, Mia Loccufier, Rik Van de Walle and Sofie Van Hoecke
Infrared and Vibration Based Bearing Fault Detection Using Neural Networks Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
Room B. Session: Non destructive test and evaluation - Part I (Chair: T. Sakagami)
16.50 Kwang-Hee Im, Je-Woung Park, In-Young Yang, Jeong-An Jung, David K. Hsu and Sun-Kyu Kim
Characterization of terahertz penetration and applications for composite materials
17.10 Takahide Sakagami, Daiki Shiozawa, Yoshitaka Tamaki, Hiroki Ito, Akihisa Moriguchi, Tatsuya Iwama, Kazuyoshi Sekine and Teruya Shiomi
Nondestructive detection of corrosion damage under corrosion protection coating using infrared thermography and terahertz imaging
17.30 Henrique Fernandes, Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo and Xavier Maldague
Carbon fiber composites inspection and defect characterization using active infrared thermography
17.50 Eva Barreira, Elton Bauer, Niubis Mustelier and Vasco P. Freitas
Measurement of materials emissivity – Influence of the procedure
19.00 Departure by bus from the meeting point to Social Dinner
20.00 Social Dinner
Friday, October 2
Plenary session (Room A)
09.00 Fariba Khodayar, Saeed Sojasi and Xavier Maldague (invited lecture)
Infrared Thermography and NDT: 2050 Horizon
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Non destructive test and evaluation - Part II (Chair: P. Bison)
09.30 Rachael Tighe, Janice Dulieu-Barton and Simon Quinn
Stress based NDE using infrared thermography
09.50 Hirotaka Tanabe, Yui Izumi, Takayuki Hibino, Tohru Takamatsu and Takahide Sakagami
Study on heat generation behaviors in Sonic-IR method
10.10 Giovanni Ferrarini, Alessandro Bortolin, Gianluca Cadelano and Paolo Bison
Thermal response measurement of building insulating materials by infrared thermography Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
Room B. Session: Systems and applications for the cultural heritage - Part I (Chair: V. Raimondi)
09.30 Stefano Sfarra, Paolo Bison, Alessandro Bortolin, Gianluca Cadelano, Giovanni Ferrarini, Domenica Paoletti, Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo, Xavier Maldague and Fabio Peron
Solar loading thermography for architectural heritage surveys: plumb the depth by looking at the façade
09.50 Iole Nardi, Stefano Sfarra, Dario Ambrosini, Donatella Dominici and Elisa Rosciano
Complementarity of terrestrial laser scanning and IR thermography for the diagnosis of cultural heritage: the case of Pacentro castle Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
10.10 Fabrizio Clarelli, Gabriele Inglese and Paolo Bison
Thermography for depth profiling in cultural heritage
10.30      Coffee Break
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Non destructive test and evaluation - Part III (Chair: T. Sakagami)
10.50 Paul Toasa and Thomas Ummenhofer
Lock-in thermography applied to real time crack detection in constructional steelwork
11.10 Yui Izumi, Hirotaka Tanabe, Takayuki Hibino, Tohru Takamatsu and Takahide Sakagami
Development of new sonic-ir method using ultrasonic wave inputted through water Under 35 Best Paper Candidate
11.30 Patrizia Aversa, Umberto Galietti, Vincenza Luprano, Davide Palumbo, Cristina Racioppo and Rosanna Tamborrino
Comparison between thermographic and heat flux meter technique: a case study
11.50 Mohamed El Afi and Sougrati Belattar
Infrared thermography applied to characterization of a pipe internally and externally corroded
12.10 Waldemar Swiderski
Possibility of defects detection by eddy current thermography method in marine structures
12.30 Sofie Van Hoecke, Olivier Janssens, Raiko Schulz, Kurt Stockman, Mia Loccufier and Rik Van de Walle
Towards thermal imaging based condition monitoring in offshore wind turbines
Room B. Session: Systems and applications for the cultural heritage - Part II (Chair: M. Volinia)
10.50 Stefano Sfarra, Eleni Cheilakou, Panagiotis Theodorakeas, Domenica Paoletti and Maria Koui
An eye to the future, an eye to the past, thinking to a full-scale restoration process: physical and chemical ndt analysis in cooperation
11.10 Anna De Falco, Tiziana Santini and Maurizio Sguazzino
Applications of the infrared thermography to the assessment of historic buildings: a case study in Pisa
11.30 Marco Gargano, Nicola Ludwig and Elisabetta Rosina
Non destructive characterization of thermal and optical properties on high performances textiles
11.50 Francesca Pietrarca, Mauro Mameli, Sauro Filippeschi and Fabio Fantozzi
Non intrusive wall material recognition through active thermography and numerical modeling
12.10 Lorenzo Palombi, Monica Galeotti, Emanuela Massa, Roberto Olmi, Marcello Picollo, Alessia Andreotti, Giovanni Bartolozzi, Marco Bini, Ilaria Bonaduce, Emma Cantisani, Massimo Chimenti, Maria Perla Colombini, Costanza Cucci, Ute Dercks, Laura Fenelli, Irene Malesci, Alessandra Malquori, Marco Montanelli, Annalisa Morelli, Sara Penoni, Louis David Pierelli, Cristiano Riminesi, Sara Rutigliano, Barbara Sacchi, Sergio Stella, Gabriella Tonini and Valentina Raimondi
The use of IR-based techniques in the PRIMARTE project: an integrated approach to the diagnostics of the cultural heritage
12.50      Lunch
Plenary session (Room A)
14.10      "Ermanno Grinzato" 2nd Best Paper Award: Ceremony
14.30 Roberto Bonsignori (invited lecture)
Satellite remote sensing of Earth thermal emission for weather, climate and ocean operational applications
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Astronomy and Earth observation (Chair: V. Raimondi)
15.00 Marija Strojnik and Gonzalo Paez
Telescope array for extra-solar planet detection from far side of Moon
15.20 Anum R. Barki, Kory J. Priestley and J. Robert Mahan
An Initiative to Include Coherence and Polarization in Earth Scene Identification
15.40 Graham Ferrier
The Potential and Challenges in the use of field-based Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy for geological applications
Room B. Session: Image processing and data analysis - Part II (Chair: X. Maldague)
15.00 Jonathan Gaspar, Michael Houry and Jean-Laurent Gardarein
Wide & accurate thermal control of plasma facing component in fusion facility
15.20 Qiong Zhang, Frank Ferrie and Xavier Maldague
A NSCT-based infrared-visible image fusion approach using fast iterativeshrinking compressed sensing
15.40 Gian Marco Revel, Paolo Chiariotti, Edoardo Copertaro and Giuseppe Pandarese
Stationary Wavelet Transform denoising in Pulsed Thermography: influence of camera resolution on defect detection
16.00      Coffee Break
Parallel sessions
Room A. Session: Non destructive test and evaluation - Part IV (Chair: M. D'Acunto)
16.20 Paolo Bison, Alessandro Bortolin, Gianluca Cadelano, Giovanni Ferrarini, Lorenzo Finesso and Ravibabu Mulaveesala
Frequency modulated heating source in IR thermography
16.40 Nobuhiro Shimoi and Carlos Cuadra
Comparison of natural frequencies of vibration for a bridge obtained from measurements with accelerometers and piezoelectric sensor
Room B. Session: Image processing and data analysis - Part III (Chair: D. Moroni)
16.20 Gabriele Inglese
Perturbations of the heat transfer coefficient due to surface damages
16.40 Nebi Gül and Ali Berkol
Improvement of predefined electooptical system performance by a mathematical model for image intensifier tube
17.00 Kai He, X. Wang, Chun Lin, Qinyao Zhang and Ruijun Ding
Numerical method for the capacitance of HgCdTe MIS structure and band-to-band tunneling effect on the low frequency behavior in high frequency C-V characteristics
Closing session and Greetings

Best Paper Candidates

Candidates to the Second Under 35 Best Paper Award are marked with the academic hat sign Under 35 Best Paper Candidate.